XXV International Tango Festival of Sitges – 2018


Álvaro Flores, Toni Barber, Alfonso Ferrer and Claudio Cesar.

Video by Lorena “Tutti” Cabral.

XXV Festival Internacional de Tango de Sitges, 2018

Since 1993, and every year in mid- july, Sitges becomes the Tango´s World Capital thanks to the “International Tango Festival”, organized by the Asociación Barcelona Tango Club and counting with the support of Sitge´s city hall.
Each year, lots of dancers from every continent gather to attend this festival, where dance classes for all levels are combined with multiple shows and Milongas.
On the other hand, in the last years new activities have been acquired and open to all public for free; they take place in emblematic Sitges´s locations such as San Sebastián Beach, the Church Square and the Promenade, full of participants and spectators.
From its beginnings, the festival has had the presence of the best musicians and dancers of the genre, most of them from Argentina, but also from diferent European, American and Asian countries.

“Back to the Festival´s roots”

Last year (2017) we returned to perform the XXIII festival at El Retiro Cultural Center located in down town; we say we are “back to the festival roots”, because it was the first place that welcomed us, and also because of the reputation that has this format in the Tango world.
Except for the XX, XXI and XXII editions (wich were held in local Sant Pere de Ribes), the Festival has been always held in Sitges.

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