“Volver a soñar” Tango Show

“Volver a soñar” Tango Show


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Festival opening:

“Volver a soñar” TANGO SHOW
(Compañía Tango Amado Barcelona)

And then:
Welcome Milonga*
*(included with your entry to the Show)

DAY: Thurday 19th of July, 2018
HOUR: 9pm
VENUE: “El Retiro”

“Volver a soñar” is a memory of Estanislao, one of its romantic characters, who taking an old photo from the storehouse of memories, he evokes the adventures of his younger years to his little grandson.

It starts from the moment he descends of the ship that brought him to Argentina during immigration movements of 19th century, until a sad farewell with a woman from who he was in love in his youth, which takes place during the night dances at the Salvador García’s cantina, “Las Rosas”.

Compañía Tango Amado 

Compañía Tango Amado was born in Buenos Aires in 2010, and it continues its work in Barcelona joined by a group of talented young dancers from that city, under the direction of a great artist, Verónica Palacios, and two well known graduates dancers as Omar Quiroga and Jorge Pahl. They created together a unique show achieving a record of call by 2014 at the Traditionarus Theatre of Barcelona.
Direction by Omar Quiroga and Verónica Palacios.
With the special participation of Jorge Pahl.


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