The jewel of the Mediterranean

Sitges is 35 Km away from Barcelona (and 20 Km away from Barcelona El-Prat International Airport). Sitges is well known for its beaches, its artistic heritage and vibrant nightlife. It has a population of 30.000 inhabitants and in the summer season is considered to be one of the finest spots in Europe. Here you can visit the beautiful Maricel Palace as well as San Bartolomé cathedral (which silhouette is the main icon of Sitges) and many palaces and houses built by the “Indianos”; constructed according to the architectural canons of the Modernist style. Sitgse’s architectonical heritage displays all the cultural splendor of the Modernist era of the city across from XIXth to the XXth century.

How to arrive to Sitges

Sitges is wellknown for hosting a huge variety of cultural events and festivals and, -beyond the traditional International Tango Festival, its Carnaval and International Film festival are famous worldwide.
A great weather and the wide hotels and gastronomic offer options, completes Sitges charm.
It seems to be created specially for the enjoyment of tango lovers… ¿have the Romans been dreaming about Tango when, two thousands years ago, they called it “the White Subur”?

From the Airport of Barcelona to Sitges


From the Airport of Barcelona to Sitges

El Prat, International Airport.

From the airport to Sitges (20 km aprox.) You can go by:

You must take the C-32 (before the A-16 highway) direction Tarragona.

Tarifa 50€/60€ aproximadamente.

Direct trip Autobusos Mon-bus

Go through C-1 until El Prat de Llobregat’s station, then switch to C-2.

Bus frequency:
cada 30 minutos

Trip duration:
40 minutes aprox.

From Barcelona to Sitges by Train

By Train

From Barcelona Sants central station:
In line C2 there are trains to Sitges since 6.00 hs till 0.06 hs every 20 minutes.
To get to Sitges takes 35 minutes.
In case that the train cames from the south (Valencia, Andalucia, etc) it is convenient to change trains in Sant Vicenç de Calders station.

From Barcelona to Sitges by highway

By Car

The main routes to get to Sitges are:
The C-32(formerly  A-16) and A-7 freeway, and the comarcal route C-246


By Bus

The Autobusos Mon-Bus Company has a regular service Barcelona-Sitges. It stops in Ronda Universitat(Barcelona)
There is also a night bus called N-30 that has a service between Barcelona, Vilanova and Vilafranca, wich stops in Sitges too.
Finally, Sitges also has an interurban bus service that comunicates Vilanova, Sant Pere de Ribes and Vilafranca de Penedes (Autobusos Planes SL, contact number:.938937060)

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